What does the competition consist of?

SAIBORG® is a closed-door event, a 5-hour intensive on-site hacking competition in CTF mode and "hack quest" style (100% offensive cybersecurity), where you will have to hack a purpose-built corporate network bypassing its defenses while staying in "stealth mode", find the hidden flags in each challenge and climb the rankings. The following types of challenges will be addressed: enumeration, web app exploitation, mobile app exploitation, reverse engineering, binary exploitation, lateral movement, password cracking, system exploitation, etc. SAIBORG® makes use of the Op4RED™ Red Teaming Simulation platform.

What does the "hack quest" style competition consist of?

SAIBORG® is not just a simple CTF competition with a list of challenges in the classic "jeopardy" style, but a real, stressed-out hacking operation ("hack quest") of a corporate network with a story as the background and with all the challenges linked together. You will be the one who has to find and enumerate the various assets and join the various dots that will lead you straight to the goal.

What is meant by staying in "stealth mode"?

SAIBORG® simulates a corporate network to be hacked and as in all corporate networks there are protection systems, such as firewalls, ids/ips, waf, to counter various cyber threats. You will then have to be good during the competition at not getting blocked, or getting blocked as little as possible :) or bypassing altogether, those protection systems.

What does SAIBORG mean?

SAIBORG® is the Italian pronunciation of the English word "cyborg" formed in turn by the union of the words "cyb(ernetic)" and "org(anism)" denoting the "cybernetic organism". And it is this concept of human-machine fusion, of transhumanist metamorphosis, that denotes the philosophy behind our competition.

Is there a set of rules?

Yes, and you can view them HERE.

What degree of difficulty do the challenges have?

To give anyone from novice to hacker 1337 the opportunity to compete, there will be different challenges with increasing degree of difficulty: from "easy" up to "impossible". In addition to technical skills, lateral thinking will be essential and thus rewarded. Each challenge will have a different score based on the difficulty. The score of some challenges may decrease each time the challenge is solved by a participant. For some challenges you can take advantage of hints (the cost of which will be deducted from your total score). All "flags" (solutions), unless otherwise specified, will have the following format CTF{.....}.

Is it possible to participate remotely?

No. SAIBORG® is completely on-site.

Can member names be substituted after registration?

Substitution of a participant is allowed in case the relevant request arrives before the deadline for closing registration. If, on the other hand, the substitution should be requested after the deadline has passed, unfortunately, it will not be possible to accept it. Therefore, should a substitution of one member be requested - after the deadline - in a team of four participants, the team will only be allowed to participate with the three remaining members.

Will there be internet access?

Yes, an internet connection will be provided via WiFi separate from the network being competed on. You can also connect to the internet using your own device (smartphone) that you can share with your team members.

Will there be prizes?

If the fame of winning the elite hacking competition SAIBORG® and going down in history on our pages is not enough for you, prizes will still be awarded to the first team (to be defined) and the individual hacker (to be defined) who have achieved the highest score (the individual hacker can also be a member of the team that has already won). In the event of a tie between teams and individual hackers, the time at which the solutions were submitted and points realized will count.

Who can participate in the competition?

All humans and cyborgs over the age of 18.

Do I have to have a team to participate?

No. We also accept lone wolves but recommend that you form a team to increase your chances of winning. Teams have a minimum number of 3 members up to a maximum of 4. Teams that have at least one female element in their ranks will be given preference during registration.

Is there a maximum number of participants?

Yes. So register for the competition as soon as possible.

What must we take with us?

Mandatory: one pc / notebook for each participant.
Optional: rfid/nfc reader, a device to access the internet (smartphone with tethering capability is fine), mouse, keyboard, paper manuals.

Is it possible to bring food and/or drink?

Yes. You can bring food and drinks as fuel for your brain. However, there will be snack and beverage vending machines outside the hall and we will provide you with a small "boosting" kit.

Is it possible to take photos and/or videos during the competition?

No. It is not possible to take photos and/or videos during the entire duration of the competition. Each participant will have to sign a waiver to that effect. There will be an official photographer and videomaker to capture the event.

Is it possible to publish / disclose the solutions / write-up of the challenges?

No. Participants will have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) on the subject.

Who will arbitrate the competition?

Our Team, who will have the final decision on every matter pertaining to the competition.

I am a company and need a penetration testing / red teaming activity, can you help me?

Contact our sponsor: Fulgur Security.