What SAIBORG® is?

SAIBORG® is first and foremost a place of the mind, born by hackers for other hackers, in which to try our hand at it far from the contexts of business, of labels, "ethical" and "criminal", of "black" and "white" hats. A place to measure one's skills and practice those values that unite us all. "Damn kid, they're all alike!"

Cyberwarfare CTF

SAIBORG® is a closed-door event, an intensive 5-hour on-site hacking competition in CTF-style and "hack quest" mode (100% offensive cybersecurity), where you will have to hack a specially created corporate network bypassing its defenses while remaining in "stealth mode", find the hidden flags in each challenge and climb the rankings.


SAIBORG® has a cyberpunk, dense, dark soul, "a graphic representation of abstract data from the databases of every computer in the human system. Unthinkable complexity. Varied lines of light in the nonspace of the mind, clusters and constellations of data. Like fading city lights."

100% Hands-on

SAIBORG® was born with the idea of placing hands-on at the highest level and keeping the chatter to an absolute minimum. We will try to keep sponsorship to a minimum, just to give you the most hands-on activity and leave the business, the jackets and ties, out of this event.

Our team

Who we are

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Hackers, visionaries, transhumanists, with two decades of cyberspace experience behind us.





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